Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dust To Dust

The final full colourway of my Duster figure: Dust To Dust. Available from Sunday 14th November from my store: [url][/url], limited to 25, £14.99 (GBP) plus shipping.

Any future Dusters will be one offs only (and possibly some blanks), as I move on to my next figure.

The reason for the final colourway is that I struggle to get the time to make a run of 25. Wanting to put out a new figure in the new year means one off Dusters will be all I have time for.

I liked this one so much that I wanted to make it available to more than 1 person.

As a thank you, people who've bought a Duster in the past can email me to reserve one ahead of Sundays release. The last colourway sold out really quickly.

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